Sell those turtles!

Fellow Lions, Boy do we have our work cut out for us!  We need 500 turtle (sponsorships) sales and we have to get them in by September 8th!!!!

Last year we had 413 sales and 30 of those were sold by Lions who are no longer in the club.  We do have 6 new members that can help take up some of the slack.  With 26 active Lions who can sell sponsorships that’s about 20 per member that we need. That’s only 4 a week for the next 5 weeks per active Lion.    That’s just 1 a day and take Friday off.

When selling new sponsorships talk to everyone you do business with or who does business with you. Let them know that their $50.00 donation for each sponsorship will allow us to provide 250 prescription glasses for the needy in our community this year, among other services we provide the blind and sight impaired.

Explain that we will advertise their business on the floor at the Derby and in the racing form that every attendee and JC Lion will receive at the race.

Everybody goes about selling Turtles differently so do whatever is easiest for you. I like to see people in person and call on a minimum of 5 per day. If I can’t see them, after a couple of personal call attempts, I’ll call them on the phone.  If I can’t reach them by phone I’ll email them or send them our Turtle Derby news release  in the mail.

However, I think your best strategy is to see them in the flesh, second best is to speak to them on the phone and (only if necessary) send them a email or letter. But that’s me, you do it the way it works best for you. B

ecause we only do two fundraisers each year and the TD is the biggest we need all hands on deck if we’re going to hit 500.

Let’s “get ‘er done”!

Lion and Turtle Master John Merriss

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