Johnson City Lions Club Regular Meeting Minutes February 17, 2022

The Johnson City Lions Club met for its regular meeting on Thursday February 17, 2022, at 12 noon at the Johnson City Country Club.  Present at the meeting were King Lion Steve Campbell, Lion Ken Gough, Lion Ed Gibbons, Lion Steve Brown, Lion George Winton, Lion Jerry Lonon, Lion Judaun Alison, Lion Nathanael Hughes and Lion Doris Kaifa (Secretary) and guest Mr. Adam Dickson.

The meeting was called to order by King Lion Steve Campbell.  Lion Steve Brown lead the opening prayer.  King Lion Steve Campbell welcome guest Adam Dickson and Lion Nathanael Hughes from the Elizabethton Lion Club to the meeting.

Lion Doris Kaifa won the drawing and donated the money to the Turtle Derby.

King Lion Steve Campbell presented an award to Lion Ed Gibbons  – the International President’s Tribute for being a true Lion and for his sponsorship of 25 + Lions over the years.  “We Serve”.

Lion Nathanael Hughes announced the upcoming District Convention March 18 & 19. He encouraged members to register and attend.

Lion Doris Kaifa introduced the guest speaker, Mr. Adam Dickson.

Mr. Adam Dickson give a brief presentation on the Langston Center.

The next administration for the 2022/2023 year was voted upon.  Lion Doris Kaifa was elected as President, Lion Steve Campbell as Secretary, and Lion Ken Gough as Treasurer.

The President asked for announcements.

Lion Ken Gough announced that the eyeglasses are still being collected.

Our next meeting will be March 3, 2021.

With no further business for discussion, the meeting was adjourned by King Lion Steve Campbell.

Minutes taken and written by Lion Doris Kaifa.

At your service,

Doris Kaifa-Secretary

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