Kidsight Vision Screening Program

The Johnson City Lions have teamed up with Tennessee Lions and the Tennessee Lions Eye Center at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital to provide quality eye care for children statewide.

The Tennessee Lions Eye Center Outreach Program is a program of free screening of children.  Trained Lions screen children from 12 months old up to 6 years old for disorders that can lead to serious eye problems and/or blindness.   The earlier problems are found, the more effective the treatment.  Vision problems affect 1 in 20 preschoolers and about 1 in 4 school age children, and can affect learning ability, personality and adjustment in school.  It is an unsettling fact that almost half of childhood blindness is avoidable when found and treated early.

Lions use a camera-based instrument that detects a wide range of vision disorders.   The instrument’s report immediately flags any problems detected, and those kids are referred to eye care providers for followup.  About 4.8% of screened children are referred for further evaluation.

Our vision screenings focus especially on amblyopia, a problem which must be identified and treated at an early age to prevent low vision and/or blindness.  It is the single-most common vision deficit affecting visual acuity in children.

Screenings are performed at no cost to the parent or school. The process is non-invasive; eyes are not dilated, facility personnel are always present, and screeners need not touch the children.

Honoring Tennessee Lions for over two decades of service to KidsSight.

Current eye screening schedule

To schedule an eye screening at your nursery school, day care center, kindergarten, Head Start, or any program serving young children, or to learn how you can help, please email us.



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