October 6, 2016 Lion’s Club Meeting

Johnson City Lions

Johnson City Country Club

Present: Tim Tapp, George Winton, Don Raines, Bill Pike, Dennis Powell, C.B. Willis, Brian Powell, Ken Gough, Ed Gibbons, and Steve Campbell.


Pledge: Lion Dennis Powell

Prayer: Lion Brian Powell

Lion Tamer collected: 2.10

Tail Twister collected: 2.20

Drawing won by Steve Campbell who requested the winnings be donated to the Turtle Derby.

Business and Reports:

The vision van has been postponed due to schedule conflicts.  We hope to have it in Spring 2017.

  • PDG Ed Gibbons reports that pecans will be delivered on Nov. 1 and they are 10.00 per bag.
  • PDG Ed Gibbons also noted that a new club is starting in Sevierville and they are meeting tonight at 5:30.
  • PDG Gibbons made mention of the 34 children screened through the KidSight program at the Little Bucs Center
  • It was noted that Omaha was a successful venture for Ties for the Blind with 70% of all merchandise sold.
  • Lion and PP Ken Gough stated that although there was a small turnout for eyeglass recycling that 1,850 pair of glasses were taken to Roanoke.  The club was presented with two patches for their efforts in eyeglass recycling.  The banner patches were for 2014-15 and 2015-16.Turtle Derby
  • Lion Don Raines discussed the PR that is being done for the Turtle Derby and King Lion Campbell noted that we need help on the night of the derby and he needs orders for the book so that all sponsors will be acknowledged.
  • Lion George Winton mentioned that the turtles have been serviced and the tickets are at press.  Posters are available for advertisement.
  • There will be a regular meeting on the day of the Turtle Derby for last minute preparations and we will have a breakdown party at the Peerless following the derby.
  • All turtle sales are due next Wednesday.     There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned.
  • We are going to be sending thank you cards to people in military service as well as first responders in the community.  These need to be left unsealed if they are going to the military.
  • Appreciation Cards

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Retired IBM large systems marketing representative. stock broker, insurance agent and financial planning specialist. Member of Johnson City Lions Club since 1974.
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