Johnson City Lions Club   November 7, 2019


The Johnson City Lions’ Club met for the regular November meeting on this date at the Johnson City Country Club. Those in attendance were George Winton, Don Raines, Charles Green, Brian Powell, Ken Gough, Tim Tapp, Debbie Shipley, Ed Gibbons, Steve Campbell, Clem Wilkes, Doris Kaifa, Judy VanLandingham, Dennis Powell.


President Debbie Shipley opened the meeting and called upon Lion Doris Kaifa to lead the pledge and Lion Tim Tapp to lead the prayer.


President Shipley acknowledged Lion George Winton to speak about the Turtle Derby coming up this Saturday.


President Shipley shared a thank you note from Lions Volunteer Blind Industries.


The Lion Tamer collected 3.25 and the Tail Twister collected 3.00. George winton won the drawing and designated the money to the Turtle Derby.  As of today 324 Turtles have been sold and prizes have been picked up for the kids.  We have enough door prizes for all 17 races as well as two bicycles.


President Shipley shared the need to bring in white socks for a drive she is participating in for the district. She also asked the club to vote on the posters for the Peace Poster Contest.  the winner was Kaylyn Delph and the prize was 50.00.


President Shipley called upon Doris Kaifa to share the Celebrate Life Program which is part of Good Samaritan Ministries and involves having birthday celebrations for people in the community – many of whom have no family or have never had a party in their honor. This is an amazing program and several success stories have come from it.  She talked about the need to find grant funding or local donations to keep the program going.


With no further business to come before the club the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Tim Tapp – Secretary.

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Retired IBM large systems marketing representative. stock broker, insurance agent and financial planning specialist. Member of Johnson City Lions Club since 1974.
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