The Johnson City Lions Club met for their Board Meeting on November 14, 2019 at the Johnson City Country Club. Those in attendance were President Debbie Shipley, Ed Gibbons, Brian Powell, Steve Campbell, George Winton, Jerry Lonon, And Doris Kaifa.


The meeting was called to order at 12:20 pm by the president Debbie Shipley. Lion Brian. lead the club in prayer.


The Minutes of the last Board meeting were presented by President Debbie Shipley to the body. A motion was made by Lion Debbie Shipley for the minutes to be accepted. The motion was then seconded by Lion Steve. The minutes were accepted  Lion Ed Gibbons reviewed the Projects Fund Financial Budget Report. He gave a copy to every member.

Lion Ed reported that $1000 will go to lions International and $1000 will go to District 12n. $184.80 will be reimbursed to Debbie Shipley for the gifts purchase for the Turtle Derby Lion Debbie “Thanked” Everyone for attending and helping with the Turtle Derby.

All members that were present were pleased with the success of the TURTLE DERBY.

Lion Ed Gibbons suggested that the club should contribute to the Boys and Girls Clubs for allowing the Lions Club to use their facilities for the Turtle Derby.

Members unanimously agreed to contribute to the Boys and Girls Club. Lion Ed Gibbons will research the previous contribution made to the Boys and Girls Club and report to the club in next meeting.

The board made a donation of $250 to the “Celebrate Life” Quarterly Birthdays Program for the underprivileged at the Good Samaritan Ministries.

Open discussion for next year Turtle Derby were discussed but not concluded. Ideas about having it in the park with live turtles was discuss, but no conclusion.

President Debbie Shipley brought up for discussion a building of a Handclap ramp for an individual.

The body indicated that building a handicap ramp was not part of the role of the Lion Club.

876 kids were screen last week by Lion Ed Gibbons and Lion Debbie Shipley.

80 people were referred for glasses

107 applications were received from July 1st to October 31st.

(its like one application was received everyday)

Eye screening next week at KinderCare

Ed Gibbons is Working on Erwin having its own Lion’s Club.

Open discussion for next year Valentine Day Dinner Party was discuss.

The board agreed to have it on the Last Thursday close to Valentine Day.

Venue will be at the Blackthorn at the Ridges Country Club.

With no other discussion the meeting was adjourned by president Debbie Shipley!

Respectfully submitted by;

Doris Kaifa (substituting for Secretary Tim Tapp)






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