Johnson City Lions Club November 21, 2019

The Johnson City Lions Club met for the last regular meeting of November on the above date at the JC Country Club. This win attendance were guests Nathan Johnson and Preston White from the ETSU Lion’s Club and Kristina Dulaney from Cherished Mom.  Johnson City Lions Present were:  President Debbie Shipley, Tim Tapp, Brian Powell, Judaun Alison, Gayle Cox, Don Raines, Ed Gibbons, Jerry Lonon, George Winton, Charles Green, Doris Kaifa, David Beerman, Judy VanLandingham, Clem Wilkes and Steve Campbell.

The Tail Twister collected 4.06 and the Lion Tamer collected 1.60. The winner of the drawing was Nathan Johnson and he designated the money to the Turtle Derby.

Debbie Shipley opened the meeting and called on Ken Gough to lead the pledge and Tim Tapp to lead the prayer.

All Guests were introduced and the ETSU club was thanked for helping with the Turtle Derby. Vice- District Governor Millie Burke sent a donation of 50.00 to the Turtle Derby.  Pecan money is being collected and Turtle Derby invoices are available.  We also need people to sign up for programs in 2020.

Ed thanked the volunteers who helped in the eye screening – 40 children were screened. There were 4 volunteers from our Lion’s Club at the Celebrate Life program at Good Samaritan Ministries.

David Beerman introduced today’s speaker, Kristina Dulaney, who presented a very informative program on Postpartum Psychosis and support. She shared ways that individuals could help with this service and told about her non-profit, Cherished Mom.

President Debbie Shipley thanked Ms. Dulaney and presented her with a gift from the club.

With no further business to come before the club the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Tim Tapp – Secretary

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