Minutes of the Regular Meeting, August 6th, 2020

The Johnson City, Lions Club met for its regular meeting on Thursday August 6th, 2020 at 12 noon at the Johnson City Country Club.  Present at the meet were Lions Debbie Shipley, Ken Gough, Don Raines, Ed Gibbons, Jerry Lonon, George Winton, Steve Campbell, Judaun Allison, and Doris Kaifa (secretary), and guest Rebecca Allison.

The meeting was called to order by Lion Debbie Shipley.

The drawing was won by Lion George Winton, who donated the money to the Turtle Derby.

Lion Debbie Shipley announced that L & W Service is going out of business and will no longer maintain the gum ball machines, costing us that revenue source.

Lion Debbie Shipley asked for a report from the District Meeting.  Lion Doris give an overview. Lion Ed Gibbons expressed that attending the meeting made the club looked good with the new District Governor.

The Turtle Derby was open for discussion.  A few minutes were spent on discussing the venue and time of the event.  The date is finally set for October 10th at 10am.  The venue is still open for discussion.

The club voted to have one meeting per month and one Board meeting per month.

Lion Jerry Lonon and Lion Doris Kaifa attended Lion Dennis Powell’s 93rd Birthday car parade. Fifty-plus cars were in attendance.

With no other matters to be discussed the meeting was adjourned by Lion Debbie Shipley.

In your Service,

Lion Doris Kaifa, Secretary

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