Minutes of Board meeting, April 9, 2015

Johnson City Lions Club Board Meeting Notes (LCI No. 5093)
Date: Thursday, April 9, 2015


The Regular Board Meeting was called to order at 12:25 PM.
The Board Members who have a “P” after their names were in attendance.
PDG Dennis Powell-
President George Winton-P
Immediate Past President Sterling Winn –
1st Vice-President Ken Gough –P
2nd Vice President Steve Campbell –
3rd Vice President Gayle Cox –
Projects Treasurer Ed Gibbons-P
Administrative Treasurer Debbie Shipley-P
Tail Twister Mike Ferguson-
Lion Tamer Theresa Gibbons –
Secretary John Merriss – P

2 Year Director Lynda Gochenouer-
Special Two Year Director Tom Terry-P

Also present, Lion Jerry Lonon.

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm.

1. Minutes of the last BOD Meeting: The minutes for March 14, 2015 were read and accepted.

2. Administrative Treasurer: Lion Debbie Shipley: Report for March, Income, $37.50, Expenses  $671.38 and $-633.88 loss with a Checkbook Balance of $5,148.45.

3. Projects Treasurer: Lion Ed Gibbons: from 3/12/2015 to 4/09/2015 – Income, $279.23, expenses,  $1,545.74 for a loss of $1,266.51. Total Liabilities & Equity $34,975.09.

Lion Gough moved to accept both treasurers’ reports as submitted. Seconded by Lion
Terry. The motion carried by unanimous voice vote.

4. Membership: No report.

5. Dues: No report.

6. Committee Reports:

No reports

New Business:

King Lion Winton asked that the secretary resend all JCLC members an email sent earlier this week by DG Lion Gibbons urging JCLC members to volunteer for the upcoming Remote Area Medical (RAM) event coming up in May at the Bristol Raceway.

DG Lion Gibbons agreed to send a letter to the family of Lion Frank Anderson (deceased) re their request for a donation to the ETSU Golf Scholarship Fund. In the letter he will say that we are making a $1,000.00 donation to the Johnson City Lions Club Scholarship program for blind or deaf students, already established, which will be made up of individual donations from JC Lions and out of the 2015-2016 budget, in Lion Anderson’s memory.

Lion Gough announced that his Jaguar will leave the Wal-Mart parking lot this Saturday at 6:00 am sharp with about three thousand glasses for the recycling trip to Roanoke with room for only one passenger.  Therefore, any Lion who would like to volunteer for the trip and needs transportation call the Secretary (423-943-6756).  He will be taking back glasses that Dr. Judaun Allison did not use on her mission trip to Uganda last year.

King Lion is donating $250.00 out of his President’s Discretionary Fund to Dr. Allison for this year’s Uganda mission trip for making glasses.

Old Business: It was agreed to induct the new club officers at the first regular meeting in May with DG Ed Gibbons presiding.

Meeting adjourned at: 12.56 PM.

John Merriss

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