July 21, 2016   JC Lion’s Club


Members Present: George Winton, Gayle Cox, Ken Gough, Ed Gibbons, Theresa Gibbons, D.J. Naron, Tim Tapp, Steve Campbell, Don Raines, Dennis Powell, Brian Powell, C.B. Willis, Billy Pike.


Visitors Present: Rick Story and Rep. John Holtsclaw.


The meeting was called to order by President Steve Campbell. PP Ken Gough was called upon to lead the pledge and Lion Brian Powell led in prayer.  PDG Ed Gibbons introduced former Lion Rick Story and welcomed him to the meeting.  The Tail Twister collected 4.30 and the Lion Tamer collected 1.20 and the drawing was won by D.J. Naron.  She requested that the money be donated to Sight Conservation.


King Lion Steve Campbell asked if there were any announcements or information to be shared. Lion Secretary Tim Tapp gave a brief report on the eye exam booth at the Farmer’s Market stating that 5 Lion’s worked the booth and that several people were inquisitive but none wanted an exam.


PDG Ed Gibbons noted that the new DG Paulette Bailey would be visiting the club in the future and that she desires to start one new club this next year. She has appointed PDG Ed Gibbons as GMT for this year.


PP Ken Gough reported on the Picnic Shelter/Centennial Project. The project can be completed for approximately 6,000.  PDG Ed Gibbons made the motion to move forward with the project and to supply a Lion’s Club plaque at additional cost.  (The plaque will be a Centennial Project Plaque in addition to the Lion’s Club Emblem).  Gayle Cox made a second to the motion and the motion carried.


With no further announcements or business PDG Ed Gibbons introduced Rep. John Holtsclaw from the 4th district (Unicoi and Carter County).  Rep. Holtsclaw is a Lion and his father was a Lion.  He is a member of the Elizabethton Club.  Rep. Holtsclaw talked about a variety of legislative issues but also talked about how well Tennessee is doing compared with the rest of the country in terms of revenue, construction, and job growth.  He made mention that Tennessee students are the fastest improving students in the nation.

He mentioned that his father always taught him that giving someone your time is giving them the greatest commodity you possess. That is spoken like a true Lion.  May we endeavor to think that way as we forge ahead with projects and activities that make a difference in Johnson City.

The meeting was adjourned in regular order by President Steve Campbell


Respectfully submitted by Tim Tapp, Secretary

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