Meeting Minutes June 5, 2014

Meeting notes for June 5, 2014 at the Johnson City Country Club, Johnson City, TN 37604

(15 members present and 1 guest)

The meeting was called to order at 12:27 PM by King Lion George Winton.

Lion Jerry Lonon led the pledge and DGE Ed Gibbons asked the blessing.

Lion Ed Henley won the drawing and gave the money to the Turtle Derby.

Lion Tamer Theresa Gibbons introduced Lion Bryon Botts who introduced his guest and stepson, Blake. Bryon is very proud of Blake and rightfully so – Blake excels in school as a straight A student, where he has earned several significant awards and was recently named Youth of the Year by the Boys & Girls Club. Way to go Blake! Consider being a Lion – I’m sure you’ll make a great one.

King Lion Dr. Winton (AKA King George) reminded those present that we are still seeking a director (honcho) to work with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a bind couple in the community who have already met their eligibility requirements. This would be a large commitment but for the right qualified individual, woman or man, Lion or not, and it would be the foundation for a huge community service project while giving us the opportunity to communicate how we “serve”. It may result in gaining new members. Also, volunteers will be needed to work on the construction phrase.

King George awarded Lion Ken Gough an important award, his new membership chevron for bringing in two new members for FYE April 30, 2014.

Lion Steve Campbell presented the Budget for FYE 2015. After discussion, a recommendation to amend the Budget was made by Lion Gough with the following adjustments; under income remove $2000.00 for Lion Field Signs and under expenses remove $1000.00 for Youth leagues, $1,000.00 for eyeglass collection expenses, $500.00 for Lions sign expenses and add $500.00 to the ETSU Lions for support for the new Leo Club. The motion was seconded by lion Don Raines and approved unanimously by voice vote. Lion Gough then moved that the amended budget be accepted. Seconded by Lion Gibbons, that motion was also approved unanimously.

Program Chair Ken Gough introduce Dr. Greg Wallace with the Johnson City School Board who talked mostly about safety in the school system especially what’s being done to protect the students from harm in the event of a school shooting episode.

Meeting adjourned at 1:03 PM

Humbly submitted,

Lion John Merriss


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