Tennessee Lions “volunteer” at Recyling Center

JC Lions Ken Gough and John Merriss joined other East Tennessee Lions on the semi-annual work day at the Roanoke Eyeglass Recyling Center on Saturday, April 2. 

Lions John and Ken with recycled eyeglasses that will soon be on their way to medical missions around the world.

It was smaller-than-usual contingent due to a number of work and family commitments, but we worked hard and accomplished a lot. 

1st step - sort donated glasses. Unusable glasses are recycled for the metals, and pay for the center's operation.


The work isn’t glamorous, but it’s vital if the Lions are to meet our commitment to provide free eyeglasses to poor people around the world. 

We brought 3,850 pairs of glasses with us, plus 2 boxes full from the Elizabethton Lions, for a grand total of well over 4,000 pairs.

You can help by donating your old glasses, in any condition, at any of our recycling locations.  All eye care professionals in Johnson City and Washington County accept used glasses, and there are large collection boxes in front of the Johnson City Wal-Marts.

After glasses are sorted and cleaned, their prescriptions are read and recorded. Then it's off to packing.

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