Silent Auction for Chrome-Cobalt Ring

The current high bid is:  No bids yet.

Bidding closes: June 1.

The Johnson City Club is auctioning a chrome-cobalt ring with a suggested new retail price greater than $400.  It was donated to the club in a used eyeglass collection box. Although chrome-cobalt is not a precious metal, it is very popular for its wear and corrosion
resistance, non-allergenic properties, and silver-blue color

Ring 3

The ring is in good but not new condition.  It is a Size 8, and we’re told it can’t be resized.

All proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Used Eyeglass Collection Program and used to cover program expenses.


The rules of the auction:

  • Bidding starts at $100, with a minimum increment of $5.
    • Submit your bids to
    • The current high bid will be posted above and will be updated as soon as possible after a new bid is received.
    • Bidding will cease on June 1, 2014.  However, if a new bid is received on June 1, it will be posted as soon as possible, and bidding will be extended for 24 hours after posting.  From that point on, bidding will be extended for 24 hours after the posting of each bid until no further bids are received for at least 24 hours.
    • The winner will be informed by email as soon as possible.
    • The ring will be shipped upon receipt of the winner’s check.  Johnson City pays freight.
    • The winner will have 1 week after shipment to inspect the ring and either accept or reject it.  If rejected, inform us at and return the ring, at which time the check will be destroyed or returned as directed.  If not informed within 1 week, the sale is final.
    • If the winner rejects the ring, the Johnson City club reserves the right to cancel the auction or offer the ring to the next-highest bidder.

For additional information, please email us.

Good luck!


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