Johnson City Lion’s Club

1st February Meeting (2-2-17)

Johnson City Country Club


The Johnson City Lion’s club regular meeting for February was held on 2/2/17 at the Johnson City Country Club. Those in attendance were Lions: Jerry Lonon, Don Raines, Sterling Winn, Ken Gough, George Winton, Brian Powell, Steve Campbell, Dennis Powell, Tim Tapp, Tom Terry, Ed Gibbons, Frank Ray and Mike Errico.

The Lion Tamer collected 2.50 and the Tail Twister collected 4.50 before the meeting began. Lion Mike Errico won the drawing and requested that the winnings go to Sight Conservation.

President Steve Campbell called the meeting to order and asked Lion George Winton to lead the pledge and Lion Brian Powell to lead the prayer.

Since we did not have a speaker on this date, President Campbell took the opportunity to talk about the projects with which we are involved. He felt that the newer members of the club would especially benefit from this.

Dennis Powell discussed White Cane Days/LCIF support. Our club gives 1000.00 each year to District 12N.  This money goes to TN School for the Blind, TN School for the Deaf, Volunteer Blind Industries and Leader Dogs.

Various requests come in for sight conservation projects.

A 1000.00 donation gives our club the opportunity to nominate a Melvin Jones Fellow.

Our club has more Melvin Jones Fellows than any club in the state.

Ken Gough talked about Eyeglass Recycling. Used eyeglasses are collected from area businesses and individuals and they go to a recycling center.  The closest one is in Roanoke Va.  The glasses are sorted/recycled and sent around the world for use in Medical missions.  We take 4-5,000 pair of glasses to Roanoke twice each year.  There are 2000 ready to go for the Spring trip.

  • Ed Gibbons told us about Sight And Hearing Conservation and noted that we receive 4-5 calls each day for applications for eye exams and glasses. There is currently a waiting list that goes through April.  We purchase 5 pair each week and 300 per year.  Most candidates for the assistance are disabled or on Social Security.
  • George Winton mentioned our Christmas benevolence and the fact that we give 250.00 each year to a charity. For the past several years it has gone to God’s Corner – a reputable charity in our city.
  • Don Raines reported on Volunteer blind Industries. It was started by this club in the 1950’s.  100 blind people are employed in Morristown and several others in Watauga.  All of the Marine Corps Helmet covers are made by them as well as other military supplies.  They also produce mattresses.  They did 12 million in business last year.
  •  Other projects mentioned were our eye screening in Daycares and Kindergartens and Lion’s Park.  Tom Terry gave an overview of the eye screening and Ken Gough talked about the Park and our work on the pavilion. Revenue each year is generated by the Turtle Derby, Nuts and bolts, gum machines, pecans and memorials.  Of special note was the Dinkel Trust Fund.
  • With no further business to come before the board, our meeting was adjourned.

The board meeting will be 2-9-17 and the next regular meeting will be 2-16-17

Respectfully Submitted,

Tim Tapp – Secretary


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Retired IBM large systems marketing representative. stock broker, insurance agent and financial planning specialist. Member of Johnson City Lions Club since 1974.
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