Minutes of the Regular Meeting, July 2, 2020

The Johnson City Lions Club met for its regular meeting on Thursday July 2, 2020 at 12 noon at the Johnson City Country Club.  Present at the meet were Lions Brian Powell (President), Debbie Shipley, Steve Campbell, Ed Gibbons, George Winton, and Doris Kaifa (secretary}.

The meeting was called to order by President Powell. Lion Steve Campbell led the meeting in prayer. President Brian asked about the sick and distressed Lions members.  Lion Ed Gibbon give an update on Lion Dennis and Lion Doris give an update on Judy Vanlandingham.

Lion Debbie Shipley won the drawing and donated to the Turtle Derby.

President Powell read a letter from the recipient of the Lions scholarship, Mr.  Mathew Fuch, in which he expressed his thanks and appreciation to the club for the financial assistance.

President Brian suggested that recipient of the scholarship be brought in to meet the club. Lion Ed Gibbons agreed.

President Powell then asked about the eye screening for the schools and how it was going to be done. Lion Debbie responded that she was still waiting on a final review from the schools.

President Brian suggested that various committee that are in place report on their various activities at the meetings.

In the wake of Covid-19, President Powell asked the club to consider moving from having three meetings to having two meetings a month, one regular meeting and the other a Board meeting.

President Powell mentioned some ideas/visions he had in mind for the moving the club forward this year. He suggested that the club interact with other clubs to build better relationships.  Secondly, he expressed his concern about the underutilization of Lions Park. He suggested that the park could be used for family picnics and other Lions’ activities. Members spent a few minutes discussing various activities the park could be utilized for, including the Turtle Derby.

Lion Debbie Shipley suggested that the club do some pro-active planning for upcoming activities or events.

President Powell asked for any new business. Lion Doris Kaifa asked the club to consider having some activities with the blind in our community in addition to the vision program.

President Brian Powell then asked Secretary Kaifa to remind Board Members that there will be a board meeting next week Thursday July 9th.

The meeting was then adjoined


  • Submitted by Secretary Doris Kaifa
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