Minutes of Board Meeting Sept. 12, 2019

Johnson City Lion’s Club Board Meeting

September 12, 2019

Present: Steve Campbell, Jerry Lonon, Don Raines, Ken Gough, Brian Powell, Tim Tapp, Debbie Shipley, Ed Gibbons, George Winton

President Debbie Shipley called the meeting to order.

The Treasurers Reports were presented by Ken Gough.  we have 6,470.01 in the Admin Account and 31,608.97 in the Projects Account.

Don Raines made the motion to accept the reports and George Winton provided a second.  All were in favor.

Jerry Lonon provided an update on Lion Clem Wilkes.

Ken Gough stated that eyeglasses need to be in by September 19th and October 12 is the Roanoke Recycling Trip.

The Turtle Derby is November 9th at 10 am. and the kickoff will be the first meeting in October.

New Business:  Ed Gibbons requested that 7500 be given to buy a camera for Unicoi County Schools.  There was much discussion about this and all were in agreement that this would be a good service to the people of Unicoi County.  Ed made this in the form of a motion after the discussion and George Winton provided a second.  The motion carried.

Tim Tapp noted that David Howard had requested to be removed from membership once he moved and that this had apparently been overlooked.  Tim made the motion that David be removed (with regret) and Ed made the second.  The motion carried.

With no further business to come before the club the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Tim Tapp- secretary

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