Johnson City Lions Club October 10, 2019 – Board Meeting


The JC Lions Club Board of Directors met on Thursday October 10, 2019 at the JC Country Club. Those present were:  Ken Gough, Don Raines, Jerry Lonon, Steve Campbell, George Winton, Ed Gibbons, Debbie Shipley, Tim Tapp, Brian Powell,


President Shipley called the meeting to order.


Tim Tapp offered the invocation. He also reminded everyone that the minutes of the previous meeting had been emailed and posted on the website.


President Debbie Shipley called for the financial report. Ken Gough shared a balance of 12,148.26 in the Projects Fund and 6,071.34 in the Administrative Fund.  A motion was made by Don Raines and a second by Steve Campbell.  All were in favor.


Ed suggested a donation of 100.00 to Isaiah 117 house in honor of next weeks speaker. Ken Gough made a motion that 500 be given instead.  Brian Powell made a second to the motion and the motion carried.  Don Raines also suggested that contributions be received should anyone want to give to this worthy cause.


President Shipley turned the discussion to our current dues structure and expressed her desire to revise it. She gave several reasons why the current dues structure is not effective but focused her main concerns on the dues being prohibitive for potential members as well as the fact that not every one wanted to eat at the meeting.  After a lengthy discussion, Jerry Lonon made the motion to table the discussion until next meeting and a second was provided by Steve Campbell.  All were in favor.



With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Tim Tapp – Secretary

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Retired IBM large systems marketing representative. stock broker, insurance agent and financial planning specialist. Member of Johnson City Lions Club since 1974.
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