Johnson City Lion’s Club

Meeting Minutes March 3, 2016

The Johnson City Lion’s Club met for the first regular meeting in March at the Johnson City Country Club.  King Lion Ken Gough called the meeting to order and asked Lion Tom Terry to lead the pledge of allegiance.   Lion Tim Tapp led in prayer for the meeting and the food.

Lion D.J. Naron was asked to introduce herself although it was noted that she was a member of the Johnson City Lion’s Club before moving to Pensacola Florida.  Lion D.J. introduced herself and shared the news of her engagement and upcoming marriage to a member of the Pensacola Lion’s Club.

Lion D. J. was also the winner of today’s drawing and requested the money go to the Turtle Derby.

King Lion Ken Gough gave a report regarding Lion C.B. Willis and his inability to continue coordinating Kid Sight Screenings.  A plea was issued for volunteers to take part in the project with all potential volunteers reporting to Lion Ken.  He is also setting up screenings with the Johnson City School System at this time.

Around 70 pairs of glasses were collected by PDG Ed Gibbons and Lion Tim Tapp.  There are currently 1400 pairs of glasses ready to be sent to Roanoke and a trip for a work day is being planned for April 2nd.

Robin Potter spoke to the club about the VIST (Visual Impairment Services Team) program at the James H. Quillen VA Medical Center.  She stated that she has 400 patients in the program that come from Knoxville, Bristol and here in Johnson City.  All of the participants are legally blind and any veteran who has been diagnosed as legally blind has access to the full benefits of the VIST program.  These veterans are also eligible for catastrophic disability resources through the V.A. This means that all services offered by the V.A. (except for dental) are available to them without a co-pay.   In addition to the complete eye exam, physical exams, assessments, benefit reviews, and support, the veteran is also eligible to participate in various rehabilitative programs such as Guide Dog Schools, Vocational Rehab Services, and services offered by the Regional VA Blind Rehabilitation Center.  She asked that we be aware of the services and promote them due to the number of veterans who may not be aware of the services.

It was announced that the next meeting will be in two weeks (March 17 2016) and will be a Zone Meeting at the Johnson City Country Club.  The ETSU Club is hosting the event.

Those in attendance today were Lions: Ken Gough, Ed Gibbons, Jerry Lonon, D.J. Naron, Billy Pike, Brian Powell, Tim Tapp, Tom Terry, and Sterling Winn.  Guests were Jane Myron (introduced by Lion Ed Gibbons) and Robin Potter (introduced by Lion Ken Gough).

With no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted

Lion Tim Tapp

Acting Secretary



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