Johnson City Lions Club Regular Meeting Minutes August 19, 2021

The Johnson City Lions Club met for its regular meeting on Thursday August 19th, 2021, at 12 noon at the Johnson City Country Club.  Present at the meeting were King Lion Steve Campbell (President), Lion Debbie Shipley, Lion Ed Gibbon, Lion Judy Vanlandingham, Lion George Winton, Lion Ken Gough, Lion Steven Brown, Guest speaker Rev. Aaron Murphy, CEO Good Samaritan Ministries, Inc. and Lion Doris Kaifa (Secretary).

The meeting was called to order by President Steve Campbell.   Lion Debbie Shipley led the opening prayer. Prayer was offered for Don Raines and all members. The drawing was won by Lion Debbie Shipley. She donated the money to the Turtle Derby. President Campbell asked for announcements.

Lion Debbie Shipley announced that the Erwin Club will have its first fund raising event (yard sale) on September 3rd in downtown Erwin.

Lion Ken Gough announced he will be sorting out glasses soon. He also wants the club to think about ways to recycle the glasses since taking it to Roanoke is not possible at this time.   Lion George Winton announced that the Turtle Derby will be in October. More information on the Turtle Derby will be provided later. Lion Ed Gibbons announced that eye screening will begin in Unico County next month with Head Start.

Board meeting for next month is canceled due to board members traveling. Secretary Doris Kaifa will be traveling to Africa/Liberia to see her sick mother (please keep her in prayer).

President Steve Campbell asks Lion Doris Kaifa to introduce the guest speaker. Lion Doris Introduced guest speaker Rev. Aaron Murphy, CEO of Good Samaritan Ministries, Inc.

Rev. Murphy give a brief history of the organization and its purpose. Members were allowed to asked questions.

The meeting was ended with a group photo with the guest speaker.

With no further business for discussion the meeting was adjourned by the President, King Lion Steve Campbell.

At your Service,

Doris Kaifa-Secretary

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