The Johnson City Lions Club will celebrate the 68th anniversary of its founding in 1947 this December. Throughout all these 68 years, the local community has generously supported our community service projects, so it is appropriate that the public have an accounting of our stewardship of the funds intrusted to us during the past year.

During the 2014-2015 year we had income of $33,546 because of ther hard work of our members and the generous support of our community.These funds came from the following sources; The Turtle Derby (15,600), Pecan Sales ( $9,931). Gum Ball Machines     ($879), The Trust Fund ( $416), Memorial($1,000), Sight Conservation Contributions         ($5,020), Nuts And Bolts Sales ($583).

Service projects cintributions during the year include:  Eyeglasses and exams ($22,062). District 12N Charities ($1,000),Kids Eye Screenings ( the eyes of over 600 kids were screened for current or future vision problem this year),District 12N white Cane daya($1,000),A Leader Dog ( $282), Christmas Benevolence ($250),Lions Club International Foundation($1,000).

The very exciting 64th annual turtle Derby, run each Fall, is our biggest fundraiser in the community (it netted $12,394)).

Over 3500 pairs of eyeglasses were collected and shipped to Roanoke, Virginia, where they were clean, graded and packed for use by mission trips going to Third World countries.

We donated free eyeglasses and eye examinations to 275 deserving individuals during the past year. We greatly appreciate the loyal support of our many community friends and hope that you will see fit to continue your support for this club’s important work in service to our community in the future. We would also welcome your membership in our great club. Contact us at (423) 929-7103.

Submitted by:

Dr. George Winton, President 2014-2015
Ed Gibbons, Project Treasurer

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