02/14/2013 Board Meeting Notes

Johnson City Lions Club Board Meeting Notes (LCI No. 5093)
Date: Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Regular Board Meeting was called to order at 12:28 AM.
The Board Members who have a “P” after their
names were in attendance.

President John Merriss-P
Immediate Past President Steve Campbell-
2nd Vice-President Sterling Winn-P
3rd Vice-President George Winton-P
Projects Treasurer Ed Gibbons-P
Administrative Treasurer Debbie Shipley-
Tail Twister Ken Gough-P
Lion Tamer CB Willis-

2 Year Director Lynda Gochenouer- P
(2nd Year of Two Year) Debbie Merritt-
Special Two Year Director CB Willis-

Also in attendance was Lion Brandon Johnson.

1. Minutes of Business Meeting: Lion Sterling moved that the reading of the minutes of the last board meeting held on December 13th be waved an as written. This was seconded by Lion George Winton, and the motion was approved unanimously.
2. Administrative Treasurer: None available.
3. A Projects Treasurer: 1/1/13 through 2/14/13. Income $2, 202.00, Expenses $2,120.21, Profit $81.79.
Total Liabilities & Equity $29,638.49.
A motion to accept both treasurers’ reports was made by Lion Ken Gough, seconded by Lion George Winton and approved unanimously.
4. As required in Article VI in the Club’s constitution the following active Lions were reported to have missed the past four consecutive meetings or more without makeup; and James Lonon.
5. As required in Article VI in the Club’s constitution no report was available of Lions who are arrears in membership dues or any other money owed the club .
6. Committee Reports:
Membership and Retention: Discussion was held on potential Lions Justin Miller and Ryan Berkley about what form of membership would suit them best.
Turtle Derby: The Johnson City Lions Club Turtle Derby is now FAMOUS in Maryland after Turtle King George received a call from a group in Baltimore interested in using mechanical turtles.
Eye Screening: Everything is going well, and the possibility of buying a new machine was discussed.
Eyeglass Sorting: Lion Ken reminded the board about the next trip to Roanoke, VA, to sort eyeglasses. The trip is set for April 20th, 2013.

Meeting adjourned at: 12:59 AM.

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