Minutes of the Regular Meeting June 4th , 2020

The Johnson City Lions Club met for its regular  meeting on Thursday June 4, 2020 at 12 noon at the Johnson City Country Club. Present at the meet were: Lions Debbie Shipley (President), Ken Gough (Treasurer), Steve Campbell, Ed Gibbons, George Winton, and Doris Kaifa ( acting secretary}.

The meeting was called to order by the President Debbie Shipley.

Lion Ed Gibbons led the meeting in prayer.

President Debbie asked Lion Ed Lion Ed update on the June 6th Vision Van project. Lion Ed indicated that the Vision Van Project will be carry out on Saturday, June 6th at 8:30 am. He asked for assistance or volunteers to help. Masks and gloves will be provided for all volunteers. He also stated that breakfast will be provided by him and lunch will be provided by President Debbie. Lions Debbie Shipley, Steve Campbell, Ken Gough, and Doris Kaifa volunteered to help.

Lion Ken Gough won the drawing and contributed the money toward the Turtle Derby.

Lion Ken Gough reported that about 3000 pairs of glasses were picked up by Lion Justin Mitchell.  He will select pairs of interest to collectors and sell them online.

President Debbie Shipley then presented Lion Steve Campbell and Doris Kaifa with pins for bringing new members into the club.

Lion Steve Campbell presented a summary of the 2019-2020 budget for review.

President Debbie Shipley then asked for any new business.  Debbie asked how we bring in new members.  She suggested that one way we can bring in new members is by having an event in the park and inviting people. Lion Doris Kaifa suggested that business people be invited to give a brief workshop on their business. After the workshop they can be invited to become Lions.

Election of officers for 2020-21 – A motion was made by Ken Gough to elect all new officers by acclamation. The motion was seconded by Steve Campbell and approved unanimously.

Meeting was adjourned by the President.

With no other discussion the meeting was adjourned by the president.

  • Doris Kaifa, Acting Secretary
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