Meeting notes Feb. 6, 2014

Regular meeting of the Johnson City Lions Club held Thursday, February 6, 2014 at the Johnson City Country Club, Johnson City, TN37604

(13 members present and 1 guest)

Note: Lions Fox and Wilkes were both in attendance today; a uncommonness.

The meeting was called to order at 12:25 PM by Lion George Winton who was pinch- hitting for King Lion Sterling Winn.  VDG Lion Ed Gibbons asked the blessing and the writer of these notes did a nice job of finding the flag and leading the pledge.

Lion Tamer CB Willis introduced VDG Lion Ed Gibbons who introduced his guest and prospective Lion, Ed Hensley.

Today’s King Lion called on Lion Debbie Shipley who reported on the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dinner and Dance which will be held next Friday at 6:30 PM in the same room we hold all our regular meetings. It will take the place of the last regular meeting in February (February 20).  There will be a band, great food and everybody’ll have a great time. We did two years ago!!!! Let Debbie know ASAP if you plan to attend. Call her at 202-3379 or send her an email –

Note: Our February Board meeting will be held next Thursday (2/13/2014) STSP!!!

Lion Dr. George Winton introduced our speaker, Dr. Paul Benson who gave a quick overview of vitamins and explained how one can die taking an overdose of some vitamins. Dr. Benson provided each Lion and our guest with an eight page report entitled, “Vitamins 101”.   

The meeting was adjourned at 1:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Lion John Merriss

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