Minutes of the Nov. 3 meeting

Johnson City Lions Club regular noon meeting notes.  (LCI No. 5093)
Date: Thursday, 11/3/2011

(16  members present – 1 guest)

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 PM by president, King Lion Steve Campbell, who called on Lion Debbie Shipley  to lead the pledge and  PDG Lion Dennis Powell to ask for the blessing.

Jim Pavelglio  was introduced as a guest and prospective member. This is Jim’s second visit. If he dares to come back one more time he’s getting an application.

Lion Ken Gough said the 100 Loblolly trees we agreed to plant are not really that good for the intended purpose of beautifying and emphasizing the ommunity and suggested that we can get much better saplings for 57 cents each. Knowing a good investment when he sees it, Lion Wilkes said to put him down for one. All in attendance seemed to agree with Lions Gough and Wilkes and the matter will be considered at the Board of Directors meeting or the second regular meeting of November. 

Lion Ed Gibbons received a builder key and a membership advancement key for his work bringing in two new members last year. Good job Ed.

Lion Gough reported that the Johnson City Club collected a record 3300 pairs of glasses and transported them  to the Roanoke Recycling Center last Saturday along with a large number from the Kingsport Club. Between 20,000 and 25,000 were sorted that day.  Also, about 4,000 were brought back to Johnson City; all had been cleaned, read, sorted and boxed and given to Jim Baxter for a Mission Trip to Peru.

Lion Tamer Lion CB Willis said the pecans will be in either tomorrow or next week and he’ll notify everyone when they get here. He asked that all Lions come to Lion Lonon’s  warehouse to pick up their nuts. One or two pecans are light but a case of them is real heavy.

Several Lions appeared to be thinking, “Lets all jump out the window” when the Secretary once again asked that every Lion sell new  turtle sponsorships all year starting now for next year’s Derby. He said 200 new (about 8 per active Lion) sponsorships along with the 475 sold for this year’s Derby would give us 675 (more or less) and, (yes) Virginia, not only is there a Santa Clause, we will raise $30,000.00 next year’s for the 60th anniversary of the Turtle Derby.

Speaking of the TD, the Secretary passed around a Turtle “Thank-You” card that he sent to everyone who bought a sponsorship from him and offered to send the same card to any Lion’s customers for his cost of $1.40 per card which includes first class postage.  Each card will be addressed to sponsors using their first name and will be signed by the Lion who sold the sponsorship, not the Secretary, and will have the seller’s return address on the envelope.  If you would like to avail yourself of this service just shoot the Secretary a request by e-mail and he’ll send them out right away and send you a bill.

Lion Paul Easlic introduced our speaker, Zoey Duck and her assistant Betsy Bailey. Zoey and Betsy are ETSU students and members of Alpha Xi Delta and are promoting their sorority’s support of the “Autism Speaks” campaign to help children who are victims of this challenging birth defect we’ve all heard about; some have experienced this challenge through friends or family.  Alpha Xi Delta is hosting a Xiti Dinner on November 19, 2011 at  6:30 PM at the Double Tree Hotel.  Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased from Sarah Jeffery. Contact Sarah at Jeffery@goldmail.etsu.edu.

PDG Dennis Powell moved that our Club purchase 4 tickets so that we can have a drawing or an auction at the next regular meeting.  The motion was seconded by Lion Easlic and passed unanimously.   

 The meeting was adjourned at 12:53  PM.

 Our next regular meeting will be in two weeks: Thursday, Novemger 17st.

The BOD meeting will be held next Thursday (STSP) and all Lions are invited. 


John J Merriss


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